Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Midnight Macaroon Bars

10pm this evening. "Mum don't forget I have to dress up in World War 2 clothes and take in a World War 2 packed lunch and sweets tomorrow to school"
And incidentally, yes I had forgotton. I called my mum for a chat (which I have been meaning to do since the WW2 packed lunch idea was first mooted) and quizzed her about rationing and wartime food. And, other than nipping down to the shop for spam or corned beef, this was the best idea we came up with... and I am so glad we did.

These wee Scottish sweeties are made of mashed potato and sugar - basically it was a way to make a little bit of sugar go a long long way - then tossed in dark chocolate and finished by rolling in toasted coconut. A very special treat when there were few treats around but no less one today. These could easily become a staple with coffee after dinner. Apologies for the dodgy photographs but as I said - it is nearly midnight and I need them for school tomorrow.

Almost a recipe for Macaroon Bars
As much mashed potato as you have left over (at least 3 tbsp)
A big bag of icing sugar
A small bar of chocolate
Some dessicated coconut

Whisk the icing sugar into the mashed potato until you have a firm but pliable dough, don't be surprised that it goes almost runny before it starts to firm up, just keep adding icing sugar until it reaches the right consistency.

Shape into long thin bars or small squares.(squares are best to serve with coffee... bars are best as wartime snacks for hungry 10 year olds)

Chill in the fridge for 30 mins.

Melt the chocolate.

Toast the dessicated coconut under a grill for a few minutes until golden, watch it carefully as it burns very quickly.

Remove the squares of fondant from the fridge, coat in the chocolate and then roll in the coconut. This is a messy business, I found it helpful to have lots of spoons and a jugful of hot water to clean them off handy.
Chill for 30 mins till the chocolate sets hard.


  1. love love love scottish macaroon bars...

  2. Definitely going to try these soon. Glad of the reminder :)

    ps have a great birthday xxx

  3. I like macaroon bars. Thank you for sharing the recipe to us. I'll try this one for sure. Anyway, if you're fond of bringing a pack lunch with you, you might like to try the stainless steel latch tiffin for your lunch pack. It's affordable, durable, eco-friendly and stylish container. Also, if you're into green stuff this is suited for you.

  4. You are right they are messy, but they turned out great. My mum loved them :)

  5. Sara made these last year and took them into school one day..they were gone in an hour, so she decided to sell them the next time she took them in..:) {Like grandfather like granddaughter!} She could have made a fortune!